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When observing the images of male-to-male oral sex, what can be assumed is that there is two figures, but another perspective could be that there is something else -something mystical taking place.  In other words, what I took from it is that while we see two figures -men- doing acts to one another it is really supposed to represent the inner and outer being of one person. To be more specific, the figures are really of a man, in the state of Beluah, giving pleasure back to themself, that “self” is the inner feminine in them.  When Ololon asks, “Is this our Feminine Portion, the Six-fold Miltonic Female?” (Plate 49/42, line 30); to me, she is being concrete in her question. The “Feminine Portion” being the feminine within the inner self, thus the outer being the male portion.

Towards the end of the poem, it  eludes to the end of time taking place and that one will soon be facing one’s own doom -more so, Milton facing his own doom.  At this point, he refers to “his shadow,” showing up by his side at the cusp of the self-annihilation taking place. He says, “and my Sweet Shadow of delight stood trembling by my side (plate 50/43, line 28).  This too gives reference to a duality, and again a notion that the “self” is what Milton is actually in constant connection or contact with. After self-annihilation comes a euphoria in a sense; a resurrection occurs of the truest of one’s self and   

In the image this connection is what the illusion of male-to-male oral sex is referring to.






We have continuously talked about the act of sex being the act of liberation and how it gratifies the people into breaking from the Urizen state of mind, accepting Los. The image itself depicts a man receiving oral sex from another man as they are caught up in a state of transcendent liberation. They are caught up between the two worlds of Los and Urizen as one man is surrounded by this aura like essence. I have also compared how in other images Urizen tends to be depicted within a Sun while Los tends to be surrounded by flames and this man is caught in-between both. As I stated in my previous blog post this self-annhiliation is not really a literal death but rather an awakening to new ways of thinking. It serves to explore beliefs that this sexual experience between two people of the same gender create this destruction of the self. It strips away conventional ways of thinking and only then can the birth of their new self be had. Blake states that after

A moment, and my Soul returnd into its mortal state

To Resurrection and Judgment in the Vegetable Body

And my sweet Shadow of Delight stood trembling by my side(26-28).

Through the gratification of the act itself the “Soul” was able to comeback into the vessel that had turned into a “Vegetable Body.” The body is left numb from the sexual experience in order to make room for this free and creative way of thinking. He however has turned this experience as a “Shadow of Delight” something that has happened and is in the past. So is Blake trying to say that the liberation or “Delight” is only fulfilling for a while and once its over one will go back being stuck in the grasps of Urizen? That like sex it is temporary and once its over one goes back to the old way of living?

-Alexis Blanco

 “Milton will utterly consume us & thee our beloved Father” 

In Milton: Book the Second, Blake finds himself in the garden. Ololon meets Blake and then eventually finds Milton, and we find out that she is Milton’s feminine self. Blake express that Ololon’s position as a virgin is one that puts her in an “annihilable” state. And only by giving up her virginity is she free. Therefore, negation is necessary. This negation to preserve the opposite of Ololon turns out to be Milton. The negation is described as:

a false Body: an Incrustation over my Immortal
Spirit; a Selfhood, which must be put off & annihilated alway

The false body means entrapment and annihilation, and destruction to the immortal. So, to deny negation is to remain unscathed by one’s sexual potential. The ultimate sexual potential at this time would in fact be male-to-male oral sex. In the later line, the need for nudity and for undressing lineaments that are like ‘arks & curtains’.

These are the Sexual Garments, the Abomination of Desolation
Hiding the Human lineaments as with an Ark & Curtains

The ‘sexual garments’ hide the ‘human lineaments’ as illustrated in the image below, although, the person getting orally satisfied does appear to be wearing a small underwear-like garment. The background appears to be a sun because of the red flames encircling the yellow circle. However, the inside of the sun, where the yellow circle appears also has what appears to resemble many vaginal labias. Perhaps this could be a tie into another sexual organ besides what we assume is the penis, but perhaps the presence of the vagina is also an indication of the birth of this sexual act(the male-to-male oral sex). The person giving the fellatio is on their knees (which isn’t out of the ordinary), but the position in which they have their body facing forward and their head turned around is odd. The way that they are also looking into the other person’s eyes is a bit odd given the awkward position that they are in.

The identity of both of the participants is also ambiguous because the face of on figure isn’t visible since he is looking up. This brings into question the identities of the participants. An idea that came to me is that it could be Milton and Milton. Perhaps the ultimate way to not self annihilate is masturbation, which is sinful in even more ways that just plain male-to-male oral sex. However, I also think masturbation would indicate the ego/self righteousness. Another thought was that it was Ololon the “six fold Miltonic female”, but that would take away the significance of male-on-male oral sex. Another darker thought that arose was that the figures are either Milton and all of his followers, or (bear with me here) Milton and Blake. Given that throughout the first book, Blake is imitating the things he blames Milton of (ie. using women as objects, feeding into his own ego). It also makes sense to me because Blake is the person that Ololon goes to in order to be redirected to Milton. Therefore, Blake is perhaps acting as a link or maybe in more sexual terms: a vagina for Ololon to connect to Milton. Either way, this is extremely progressive for the time, and I had to stop myself from photoshopping Milton and Blake’s heads to this image.

Blake Milton 2

-Beyanira Bautista

Woman’s Power: Chastity, Seduction, & Flirtation

Enitharmon’s eighteen-hundred-year-old slumber is described as the “female dream” because it epitomizes all that Enitharmon wanted. As described in S. Foster Damon’s A Blake Dictionary, Enitharmon is a free woman, and hopes to use her freedom and indoctrinate man with the belief that woman have more power (Damon 132a). To exert her dominance and power over man, she proclaims sex a sin so that women may exert their power over men through chastity (denying men sex), flirtation and seduction (tempting man with sex). Enitharmon says that to “Forbid all Joy, & from her childhood shall the little female / Spread nets in every secret path” (Blake 101), referring to the fact that women now have the upper hand over men, since men are pious and fearful of sin. This is evidenced by the fact that Enitharmon even laughs in her sleep when the men place “Over their doors Thou shalt not” (Blake 105), since the men are foolish enough to be fearful of the Joys of women. Therefore, Enitharmon’s dream is called a “female dream” because those eighteen hundred years mark the dominance of women over men (only in this sexual aspect). What makes this interesting is that at the end of the female dream, Enitharmon’s children (all allegorical symbols for some sort of sex act, sexual feeling, etc.) awake sex deprived after Enitharmon calls upon them and realizes that they are experiencing issues: Ethinthus with excessive waters, Leutha with many pestilent daughters, Oothoon in tears, etc. It begs the question that if it was a female dream, why were her children awaken repressed and with issues. Perhaps Enitharmon’s female dream, meant to be a dominance of woman over man, only stifled passions on both sides.

-Sara Nuila-Chae