Why does Milton need to “go down self annihilation and eternal death” ?(book 1, plate 15, line 22; page 162)


William Blake and Milton were alike in that both creatives were open to the exploration of ideas greatly repressed during the era of their time, including those in which were embedded in religion and sexuality. In these parts of the text, Milton’s genius takes on the embrace of a woman in that it questions, and poses a threat to any structure of tradition.


Ab-Soul, along with other recent artists have dealt with themes revolving revelations that our vision of God and Jesus should not fit those related to man. Just as these artists suggest, Milton is alluding to the fact that God is a woman, therefore demanding we shed an annihilate and break free from any construct we have regarding our faiths and spiritual identities. Were “eternal death is mentioned, Ab-Soul, underlines this by quoting, “I’m an evil genius…villain you hate to love.” Milton is essentially underlying that fact that being a poetic genius, taking on these multiple interpretations of traditional theology can essentially give you the threat of eternal death, and the hatred of others.


“the chicken came before the egg’s the thesis.”