Christopher Ingle

I am not a fan of the idea that Urizen is feeling remorse during “The song of Los.” First, we have to remember that Urizen is the equivalent to the devil. Though he is also a creator, he is also fallen. He uses logic and conventional reason. Here is the problem. reason and logic can and often are used by the masses to justify actions taken by a people. For example, take how we are treating the subject of immigration. It is totally legal on a federal level for those who are here illegally, as in not within the letter of law, to be removed and sent back to where they came from. Yet from a moral perspective, it is very wrong as many of those people are families who are either broken up or sent back to hellish conditions (not to mention the conditions we put them in while they wait). Yet, in general, we follow the law over moral righteousness. It is considered logical to follow the law. That sounds like the work of the devil to me. Take for instance the original Sin. The devil uses twisted logic to convince Eve to bite the forbidden fruit (Genesis 3:1-5). Even though the bible says God told her not to eat of the fruit, the devil (serpent) manipulates words and uses a technicality warp her morality. This is what happens in society. We stand behind the law and use that as a basis for logic instead of using morality as the basis for logic. And so we do terrible things in the name of logic. Urizen isn’t crying in sorrow or remorse, its joy. Joy in his handy work. For the longest time, slavery was legal, and it was logically justified. No one questioned the morality of it, at least not in the legal sense.

Taking a look at this video, entitled “Song of Los” to me it is less about what is being said as much as the images we are seeing. The video screen shows poor choices happening left and right. Over drinking, sexual behavior, relationship issues. All of these things are legal in our society. But as the song says, we are loosing our voices. We are loosing them to false logic, a logic based solely on law and what is considered ok by the books instead of what is ok morally. Urizen isnt sad, he is joyous. He is filled with excitement for he has twisted society into a loop of bad choices that are still legal, and therefor logical.

Take for instance these lines from the poem :

“For Adam, a mouldering skeleton
Lay bleach’d on the garden of Eden;
And Noah as white as snow
On the mountains of Ararat.”

These were God’s chosen men. Adam was the first man created by God, and Moses was chosen to lead the Hebrews to the promised land. Because of poor choices, these two are dead, Adam is a bleached skeleton and Noah, white (i assume cold and dead) on Mt. Ararat.

“Then the thunders of Urizen bellow’d aloud
From his woven darkness above.”

Urizen created this darkness. Purposely. This is not a sad deity. This is a proud of what I did deity, all in the name of logic and cooruption.