For next Wednesday (11/6), students will answer the following question:

Why does Milton need to “go down to self annihilation and eternal death”? (book 1, plate 15, line 22; page 162)

Because this poem is so dense and confusing, I ask that students provide a close reading of ONE of the six passages listed below that can help answer the question.  Please categorize under “The Last Judgment” and don’t forget to create specific and relevant tags.  This post is due by 9:30am this Wednesday, 11/6.

And please do not over rely on The Blake Dictionary.  Instead, follow the five guidelines for close reading:

  1. Identify poetic voice, style, and form.
  2. Look for irony, paradox, ambiguity, and tension.
  3. Note those words, phrases, or images that seem odd or out-of-place.
  4. Note any important symbols, motifs, and themes.
  5. Is there anything missing from the text/artwork that should be there?


Key passages to focus on in Milton, first book:

1. Pl 2, lns. 1-24  (p. 148)

2. Pl 9, lns. 18-32 (p. 156)

3. Pl 15, lns. 51-41 (p. 162-63)

4. Pl 22, lns. 15-24 (p. 170)

5. Pl. 23, lns. 4-14 (p. 171)

6. Pl. 25, lns. 1-15 (p. 174)