The lack of the contrary between “The Chimney-Sweeper” and “The Little Black Boy” stresses Blakes questions on how we know that God exists and whether a  “good” God who allows children of poorer circumstances to suffer is truly “good”. These non-contrarian poems assist in relaying the innocent perspective and tone of children for the circumstances of which they find themselves ultimately has been fixed upon them by society, by God. In turn, the innocent tone of the poems contributes to the notion that ones love of God is unwavering, regardless of the circumstances one finds themselves under. Through both poems, it is evident that the color black is tied into the detriment of people and the absence of light, not omitting children. In “The Little Black Boy”, having a black body is to be “bereaved of light” and is compared to standing under a “shady grove” or “clouds” that, once removed, will reveal a white soul. This suggests that white symbolizes heavenly. Therefore, only in death when God decides to remove the clouds, will those in black become heavenly, like “Dick, Joe, Ned, and Jack”. But, until then, those in black, or in the “dark”, must “learn to bear the beams of love” of God. According to Tom, even in death one is “locked up in coffins of black” and must be set free by an angel in white “who had a bright key”, and only then they could “shine” and receive more than “joy”. Ultimately, these poems and symbolisms of color justify the mistreatment of the marginalized in society and serve as a coping technique for the unfortunate circumstances of life. Tom is content, “happy and warm” knowing that if “he’d have God for his father” that he “need not fear harm” and look forward to death for only then he would “shine”. Blake is blatantly questioning the narrative of the love of God, our unwavering love of God, and the justifications behind it. Through satire, Blakes highlights the irony of the innocent’s voices and the songs they sing to help them get by. #FortheloveofGod#suffering#God#Black#White#Symbolism#TheLittleBlackBoy#TheChimney-Sweeper

Jaimee Watson