The Little Boy Lostsongsie.n.p5-37.100The Little Boy Found

The arrangement I chose beings with “The Little Boy lost” followed by “The Chimney Sweeper” and ends with “The Little Boy Found.” I unexpectedly chose this sequence because I found themes that correlate with each other like life challenges, faith, innocence, and experience. I will be using the “little boy” to demonstrate a figure that grows and experiences life. “The Little Boy lost” searches for his father while weeping in the dark. Yet, the poem doesn’t end with any solution or recovery for the little boy. The little boy is a form of innocence that embodies immature, naïve, and clueless individuals that are fixated by the evil in this world. This “little boy” is searching for God and faith. The little boy isn’t necessarily looking for a father but a light of reasoning, help, or guidance. Through God’s power, the “little boy” can find a path to success and purity. However, no solution is offered but “…away the vapour flew” (Blake, Line 8) which indicates the disappearance of the child’s soul. This represents the lost in faith or when you lose faith you can lose yourself. The “little boy” is seen in “The Chimney Sweeper” weeping for the loss of his mother and absence of his father. Yet, an angel comes along and sets free the souls of the children that are dead. They find peace and comfort in heaven rather in a world that is polluted. However, the “little boy” isn’t necessarily speaking to an angel, but speaking to his soul and innocence. Sometimes as an individual you have to separate from the societal construction that creates wounds in your lifetime and connect with your spirituality. It’s about separating your daily life routine and your connection with God. In “The Little Boy Found,” is the return and success of finding oneself from the dark hole. With much faith and experience, the “little boy” found his mother with the guidance of God. For example, “Led by the wand’ring light, Began to cry, but God ever nigh, Appeard like his father…” (Blake, Line 2-4). The “little boy” recovered from the bad experiences, found himself, and through the help of God he found his faith again. In other words, God has your side when no one else does. Blake’s intentions with these poems encourage the connection with God and not losing your faith. Most importantly, it’s about the trials and tribulations in life where individuals are innocent, lose their innocence, experience life, and faith becomes hard to sustain. Is God always the solution to our problems ?

-Priscilla Ortega