A woman gazes up her Pretty Rose Tree, admiring the perfection that she has created. Nothing nor no one can be able to stray her attention from her Pretty Rose Tree. “…I praised the sweet flower den”, she claims. Amongst the shadows approached a man. Such man that only desired for the woman’s affection. He fell under the spell of the pretty young woman. The man would try to captivate her admiration, but only to fall in desperation.

No luck, yet the man ventured further. Within the Pretty Rose Tree was The Sick Rose, a Rose that was quite misleading. From afar, a beautiful rose that captured the man’s attention. Up close, it’s true colors would show to destain the man. “And his dark secret love, Does thy life destroy.” Wilted, crumbling, and hanging by its stem, the rose was full of poison and would eliminate the threat from losing the women’s attention from the Pretty Rose Tree.

Full of rage and toxins, the Pretty Rose Tree reveals its true intentions, with the man still blinded, the Pretty Rose Tree was, in reality, A Poison Tree. The woman was just a mere illusion to bait the man. “And I sunned it with smiles, And with soft deceitful wiles.” Succeding, the Poison Tree kills the man, thus, capturing another victim with its deceptive appearance of true beauty.

– Stephen Muñoz