Did you leave me or did I grow a part from you? 

Were you truly always beside me or have I been to naive in believing so? 

Did I abandon you or did I grow smart in realizing you are not there? 

“Heavenly Father, why you so far away.”

Blake’s work echoes both the innocence and disappointment that fulfills children’s hearts whose well being is not put at the forefront of our society. 

I chose this ordering the emphasize that it is a child’s wish and right to have someone there beside them, a divine light to protect them, yet too often that is not the case. As one can observe from my chosen ordering, a child finds comfort in strongly connecting to a spiritual force they cannot see, while living in a physical world where guidance is nowhere to be found. Blake had the ability to tie in divine wishes and contrast them amongst the society failings we have on the very children of our future, the hearts, minds, and souls whom are in our care. When I first saw these illustrations and read the words, my mind immediately ran back to this song “Heavenly Father,” By Isaiah Rashad that hauntingly echos “heavenly father, why you so far away?” in the chorus.  Written by a gentleman who although is no longer a child, still tugs on the desire of guidance, protection, yet stumbles between his reality of not receiving the physical actuality of such comfort from the loved ones in his life.

-Angelica Costilla