Van Vang
Dr. Garcia
ENG 190 Senior Thesis
2 May 2018

Write It

I began this journey with an undeclared major unaware that my passion was within the words of every book I will ever read for my Undergraduate English studies. I spoke to my counselor at the time and she asked me what it was that I liked to do and the simplicity of her question made me realize the path I needed to take.

I am one who finds difficulty in expressing my mind and so I write it and I have put this to practice for as long as I could remember. I often hear words flow out of the mouths of other students as if the sun has risen and a flower has bloomed right before my eyes, and I sit there in the shaded corner knowing that the flower within myself wanted that moment to blossom. The sun would be set before I could ever get that chance and so I write it. I fill my notebook with notes of things I find interesting, of things my professors have said that I think is worth documenting, and of question I have that may never be answered.

I have become more self-aware through the years as the books pile up on my bedroom floor, as the ink of my pens runs dry, as the number of files take up more space on my computer, and as I begin to find my own voice. I take the readings that I have been assigned including short stories, poems, articles, and full length novels and I search for similarities to my everyday life. I always find some aspect of that piece of literature having some relevance to the current world in which I inhabit. I am able to pick up on references made in television shows and know exactly where it was taken from. For example, I was watching an episode of Smallville when Chloe Sullivan made a reference to the Liliputians and I knew she was referring to “Gulliver’s Travels” by Jonathan Swift which I had read in English Literature of the Long Eighteenth Century (1660-1837) Gone Global with Dr. Garcia. Another incident occurred at my workplace when my boss complimented several coworkers of mine, men and women, on their performances. With the knowledge I gained in Language and Gender with Dr. Hakala, I was aware of the patterns of same-gender and opposite-gender compliments. Though I become aware of many of the things I learned in my undergraduate education, I still cannot express mind with ease and so I write it. I take note of the number of times my education has made me aware of my surroundings.

One of my least favorite questions is when someone asks me who my favorite author is because I could never give an answer on the spot. I don’t think the ability to identify particular authors define a person’s taste and knowledge in literature. Having said this, I have been asked this exact question when I expressed my passion for reading and writing and my response was silence. Another student took that opportunity to chime in and names three authors that he liked and looked over at me as if I had never picked up a book. To that student and others alike, I ask them to flip through my notebook and find the names of all the authors of books I have read through the years and that is the answer to the question. I appreciate all writers and feel as though I cannot dismiss one author for another. I am an internal thinker. I have thoughts and I write it.