By now, I think we have figured out that Blake enjoys his “Genius” and that to retain his “Genius,” he must reside with Los in Hell. It seems that when Milton rose and claimed he was going to “Eternal Death.” He essentially means that he is abandoning the heavens.

“Then Milton rose up from the heavens of Albion ardorous!

The whole Assembly wept prophetic, seeing in Milton’s face

And in his lineaments divine the shades of Death & Ulro.

He took off the robe of the promise, & ungirdled himself from the

oath of God.” (pg.162)

Milton abandons the heavens by removing everything from him that is heavenly and embracing the divinity of Death. In Plate 15, starting from line 29, it is clear that Milton is embracing Hell and abandoning the heavens because he calls out that he is “that Evil One!” The irony can be seen in Milton himself because he is indeed Satan. Once in the Heavens, but falling into Hell. Plate 15 essentially talks about how Milton is embracing Hell and embracing his position as Satan because in his own actions of falling can be seen in the Bible when Lucifer first fell.