For this Wednesday (3/21), students have the option to write a post on ONE of the four prompt questions:


1. Why does Blake deviate from the Biblical account in making Adam and Noah contemporaries? (SoL, Plate 3; 6, 7; p. 109)


2. What is the significance of Urizen’s weeping at the end of “Asia”? (Plate 7, line 42; p. 112).  How does this moment compare to Urizen’s earlier weeping in the “Africa” section (plate 4, line 17; page 110)?


3. What is the symbolic significance of creepy, crawly insects, worms, and serpents in Blake’s Europe, a Prophecy and A Song of Los?


4.   Interpret the line “The Tigers couch upon the prey & suck the ruddy tide” (Europe 18/15:7; page 106).  How does this line relate to animal/beast imagery in Blake’s other works, like in the “The Tyger” for instance?


Or, students can formulate their own question prompt about a specific line, image, theme, or motif from Europe or The Song of Los, and then provide their own answer in a post.  Please categorize under “Urizen’s Tears” and don’t forget to create specific tags.  Posts are due by 8:30am on 3/21.