For next Wednesday (3/14), students will write a post that answers ONE of the three set prompts on Europe A Prophecy (see below).  Or, brave and daring students can formulate their own question and answer regarding a specific line(s), image, motif, theme, or symbol in Europe, A Prophecy.  (Word of advice: now is the time to make good use of the Blake Dictionary).


1. In Plates 17 and 18, lines 37-39, 1-11 (p. 106), why does Los prepare for epic war along with Orc, who arrives with “furious terrors” and “golden chariots”? Explain the significance of this cosmic battle for Blake’s prophetic vision of Europe.


2. In Plate 12, line 5 (p. 101), why is Enitharmon’s eighteenth hundred year-old slumber described as a “female dream”?


3. In Plate 16, line 5 (p. 105), explain the significance of Newton’s blowing of the “Trump” (no presidential pun intended).  Why is the English scientist held responsible for awakening Enitharmon from her eighteen hundred year-old slumber?


Please categorize your post under “The Flames of Orc” and don’t forget to create interesting and specific tags.