The little boy los

He abandoned me at my worst. He left me at my best.

He was nowhere to be found when I needed him the most.



Was there any emotion, any pain that traveled through his veins when he walked away?

Did he stop at the door, a feeling of regret possibly crossing his mind?

Or did he simply walk away?


Infant Joy

This will not define who I am.

This will not make me.

This will not rule me.

I’m alive.

I have health.

I am a child of God.

The Divine One is my father and He teaches me, and shows me to be happy.

To smile.


And I… I do these things. For Him.

For Me.

For my sanity.

On another sorrow

I will not have others feel pity for this fatherless boy.

I will not take it.

I choose to be happy.

To spread love and show them the joyful life I live.

That’s what I want them to feel.

My happiness, my smile, my humbleness.

Without it, we’re nothing but sad creatures dwelling on the phoniness of life.


I decided to write a short story that concerns the “parentless” / “abandonment” theme I noticed while reading the different plates. William Blake emphasizes heavy sympathetic and empathetic emotions in his writing and what I attempted to do was allow the speaker / protagonist of the story to show his vulnerable side by questioning this “abandonment” he’s faced with. Despite having a “sad” beginning, I decided to illuminate a sense of empowerment with the 2nd and 3rd plate. In the 3rd plate, rather than having the character feel sadness and take in other people’s pain (as is shown in On ANother’s Sorrow), I wanted him to feel empowered and spread that feeling around his community and share his happiness despite not having a male patriarchal figure raise him.