For next Wednesday, students will answer the following question prompt:

In book 2, plate 48-49, lns. 35-39, 1-15 (p. 202-203), does Ololon’s recognition of herself and Milton as “Contraries” result in her self-annihilation? If so, explain how her self-annihilation is similar to or different from Milton’s.

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A clue to help you with this prompt:

I’ve included the plate illustration to the first page of book two of Blake’s Milton.  To recap on our class discussion, the reverse writing of the motto (“Contraries are Positives. A Negation is not a Contrary”) suggests that contraries generate more contraries (the contrary of the contrary that encourages imaginative re-vision) or, perhaps, the mirroring of contraries is a negation (the fearful symmetry that forestalls imaginative progression).  You decide this either/or!

Remember Blake’s other motto from The Marriage of Heaven and Hell: “Without Contraries is no progression” (p.69).

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