Flames of Genius engulfing the Passionate Lovers

“Blake’s renunciation of sin, punishment, atonement and moral law appear in a number of guises and different contexts in his work, which frustrate attempts at assigning Blake’s antinomian ideas to any one tradition. ” (Rix 109)

“Blake targets all those moralisers who ‘restrain desire’ (pl. 5; E34).” (Rix 110)

“the content of the Law may be valid, but its authority as an external code of instruction is not.” (Rix 113)


  • Belief in a coded language of the bible
  • Rejection of Justification of Faith alone without Good Works
  • ‘Fear of Eternal Punishment’ if the Moral Law is violated


  1. What is the significance of the positioning/imagery of the scene of the Monkeys, baboons on Plate 20?
  2. How does Blake’s satire tie into his belief in contraries?