For this week, students will post a comment on their favorite blog post from last week, under the category “The Last Judgment” (3/30). Using textual evidence from Milton book 2, plate 46 & 48, lns. 28-37, 1-39 (p. 201-202), offer a close reading that can help improve and enhance a particular argument/idea/question posed in a previous student post/comment.

For those students who need some focus and direction, you have the choice of answering the following optional question:

1. In book 2, plate 48-49, lns. 35-39, 1-15 (p. 202-203), does Ololon’s recognition of herself and Milton as “Contraries” result in her self-annihilation? If so, explain how her self-annihilation is similar to or different from Milton’s.