ENGL 274H Debate: Visions of the Daughters of Albion

 Blake’s Visions of the Daughters of Albion values a patriarchal male-centered perspective over feminist free love.


II. Opening statements

2 minutes: Team A: In favor of the proposition, values a patriarchal male-centered perspective

Our overall general argument: Vision of the Daughters of Albion values a patriarchal male-centered perspective: the only way Oothoon is able to exprerience Poetic Genius through sex, dominated by Bromion. Only through action can people experience it.

Comparing Bromion to Theotormon: Bromion takes action, Theotormon sits does not rescue (last line of the poem). An active male is necessary to achieve Poetic Genius. Bromion gets what he wants. Oothoon is also able to experience Poetic Genius through that. Dominant action brings her out of thorough. (They disagrees against the structure of the debate because it’s against Blakean nature.)


2 minutes: Team B: Against the proposition, values feminist free love

It does not value the patriarchal-centered perspective against free love. The very act of remaining enchaining allow the reader to see the system as the outside things, there is being one system and that Blake values it are different. The poem points out injustice of the system, even though Oothoom fail to overthrow it, she still symbolizes the act of rebellion. Blake does not value of the male character. Oothoon is against patriarchal system (p.64), embracing orgy against frozen marriage bed. P.63: line 23-32. The quotes show that the poem is against patriarchal system. Blake’s vision of revolution is ongoing; the ending of the poem is a constant resistant.


III. Rebuttal statements

2 minutes: Team A: In favor, values a patriarchal male-centered perspective

Draw attention to the proposition: Blake is not championing patriarchal but is over feminist free love. In comparing, he values patriarchy over that. (p.64 23-27). In the system, Oothoon is going out and capturing the girls, just like the patriarchal system. She is not being freed from it but more entrapping. Oothoon is not an active participant in it but not experience Poetic Genius. In patriarchal system, there is more action and there is a freer system.


2 minutes: Team B: Against, feminist free love

Bringing in other girls is helping Oothoon is empowering more women. Team B’s comparing Theotormon to Bromion is not as the strongest argument to make because Theotormon is not a male dominant role, why aren’t both man portrayed as the same degree. Theotormon is a not male-centered character but a female-centered one.

Sex is a means to Poetic Genius (58) but rape is not. Oothoon is going to have free love with the man she chooses, Theotormon. But rape is not a means to experience Poetic Genius.

She does not choose to be raped by Bromion.


IV. Reading of a passage:(Dan)

Team B: Application of passage by those Against

Team A: Application of the passage by those In favor

(2 minutes response for each team)

7/4 line 13-24 (p.61)-Bromion’s speech

How Bromion is characterized at this moment and how is this related to the point of your group?


Team B: There are a lot of contraries, Blakean, suggest the lack of systemization, which can be interpreted by mean a different system of gender role. Allow feminism to take the male dominant. Bromion refrencing unknow: female empowerment is the unknown concept. Male may be having a upper hand is going to be changed. Bromion recognized the unknow, because he is lamenting. It shows limitation of Bromion’s knowledge because he only know what he know, he is always in the system, rather than going out. It shows the limitation of knowledge in the confined space.


Team A: Contraries exist does not mean talking about gender role. Bromion wants to present some sorts of transcendence possibility out of contraries. He opens Oothoon up to the possibility. By sorrow will bring to greater joy. He gives to Oothoo n the ability to give herself to a man, what she chooses to do. Bromion wants to experience and spiritual transcendence, he is the only act upon his desire. Because he rape Oothoon, he allow Oothoon to achieve greater sorrow and greater desire, and to achieve Theotormon.


V. Concluding statements

2 minutes: Against, B

Team B: p.65 final statement last 3 sentences. She is continuing limiting her role in the patriarchal society but she still attempt to overthrow though she cannot.

Team A confuses portraying with valueing. He wants more powerful woman, the poem is just about how much it is possible to overthrow system.

Ideal contraries is a power struggle rather than contraries between strong and weak.

2 minutes: In favor, A

Team A: Response to Team B’s quote. Oothoon is once again after her feminism. Without Patriarchal system nothing gets done, there is no way to transcend and experience Poetic Genius. Feminism is failed. Oothoon is in a static state. After Bromion, she is experience more. Patriarchal system inspires experience of greater joy and sorrow.


VI. Deliberation by the Judges

2 – 4 minutes

Both has good points. Team B everybody spoke more and has a sense of unity. Both engage the text. Rebuttal, Team B actually brought in Team A’s argument. Team A attacks Team B’s point other than argument. Reading the passage, both chose contraries to work on own point. They had common ground in reading the passage activity. In the end, Team B says pick the flowers pick the feminism, Team A says the Bromion rape her she pick up feminism. Team B stuck to their points. Team A is more back and forth.


VII. Analysis of the Debate and Declaration of the Winner

2 – 4 minutes

Team B wins